As one of your company's communication gateways to the world, the telephone is a critical component of business operations and should offer the utmost in functionality, versatility, and reliability. Four models of digital telephones, as well as 48-Button Expansion Module (BEM), operate with the Millennium to provide you with everything you need to streamline your communications.

Designed to address
the myriad contact requirements of different employee positions, eOn telephones combine the flexibility of a software-driven system with dynamic, user-programmable features. The communications process is further enhanced by the addition of an optional two-line by 24-character or four-line by 40-character displays. The LCD display provides the user with valuable caller information, as well as a host of menu options and call status.

eOn digital telephones
offer an impressive list of features that satisfy even the most demanding communications environment. Depending on the model, these distinctive features include:

  • Hot Dial Pad
  • Optional Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Call Announce
  • Enhanced Speakerphone
  • Multiple-line Appearance Capability
  • Conference Calling
  • Wall Mountable
  • Selectable Background Music Source
  • Voice Mail and Station-to-Station Messaging
  • Alphanumeric Page Messaging
  • Simultaneous Voice/Date Capabilities
  • Group Listen
  • Fully Programmable Buttons
  • Field Upgradeable Display
  • User Programmable Buttons
  • Off-Hook Voice Announce
  • 2- or 4-Wire Cabling Options

The benefits provided by eOn digital phones include...Compatibility - All desktop products are designed to readily integrate with the Millennium system.
Ease of use - Such items as feature buttons, hot keypad, and call progress display enable callers to focus on their message rather than on the complexities of the telephone.

Telephone Models

Telephone Dimensions
6-, 12- and 18-Button Telephones 6.75" W x 9" D x 3.5" H
30-Button Telephone 7.75" W x 9" D x 3.5" H
48-Button Expansion Module 6.75" W x 9" D x 3.5" H

The following four telephone models
and Button Expansion module are offered for desktop use with the Millennium System:

6-Button Telephone
- The 6-button telephone is the most basic of the eOn telephones. Perfect for desktops that require a minimum number of user-programmable features, this budget-conscious set has six programmable buttons, a hands-free monitor, and four LEDs for feature activation and message notification. A rocker bar is used to access and select menu options such as volume control, display contrast, and ring level/type control. The telephone supports an optional two-line by 24-character display.

12-Button Telephon
e - The next member in the telephone family is the 12-button telephone. This intermediate telephone has an enhanced speakerphone, 12 programmable buttons, and LED indicators for feature activation and message notification. Rocker bar access is used to select menu options. The telephone supports an optional two-line by 24-character display.

18-Button Telephone - The 18-button telephone is considered the system standard. In addition to 18 programmable buttons and full speakerphone, this telephone supports up to four 48-Button Expansion Module (BEM) to augment button capacity. LCD indicators show feature activation and message notification, and a two-line by 24-character display may also be added to the set.

30-Button Telephone - The 30-button telephone is ideal for an executive office with its 30 programmable buttons and enhanced speakerphone. Either a two-line by 24-character display or four-line by 40-character display may be added to the telephone. A Data Adapter may also be added to the telephone, expanding the serial ports of the system for voice mail, ACD, RPD, display boards, and CTI applications. Up to four BEMs expand the number of buttons available to 222. The LCD indicators show feature activation and message notification. The 30-button telephone also supports an integrated headset jack and a field-installable recorder board for connecting recording devices.

Button Expansion Module (BEM) - The BEM may interface with either the 18- or 30-button telephone models. A total of four BEM units may be connected in a daisy-chain fashion to provide up to 222 buttons with a 30-button telephone, or 210 in the case of the 18-button telephone. Each one of these buttons is fully programmable as either a line appearance, feature, or Direct Extension Selector (DES).


Millennium Navigator
A powerful hardware and software-based attendant package designed for use with the Millennium Digital Communications Platform, Navigator presents to the attendant console all the information necessary to process each call, including appropriate answer phrases, company directories, and real-time employee status. These features make the Navigator especially useful in multi-tenant applications.

The Navigator is a true Microsoft Windows™ 98, NT or 2000 application that can operate as a stand-alone, or within a network without the need for costly hardware integration. Via the Millennium ISDN API, the Navigator integrates with the Millennium through the 30-button telephone with a Data Adapter. Information may be accessed with a mouse or a custom 137 key programmable keyboard with numerous dedicated functions.

The benefits of the Millennium Navigator include...

Support for answering services - The answer phrases and station user databases allow attendants to answer appropriately for any client.

Enhanced information available to attendants
- With virtual BEMs, the attendant can immediately see if a target station is busy. In addition, the database can provide information on each station user so that the attendant knows if the user is out of the office for an extended period of time or has asked not to be paged.

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