Actel ME, the largest regional network for audiotext and value-added telephony services in the Middle East is using MCCT Titans in all its operations. These UNIX based servers have shown the highest stability compared to other systems used by the competition in this field.

MCCT offered and continues to provide
Actel ME with the best 24-7 support. And Actel ME is proud to be MCCT’s representative in the Middle East with many satisfied clients. Actel Middle East will continue to choose MCCT Titans in any future operation and will advise it to any company in the field.
Ronnie Richa
Regional Marketing Manager
Actel Middle East Holding

Telemark Co. has been
working with MCCT for seven years. We are based in México City and for this reason we try to use providers based in México in order to have immediate support in case of an emergency. However MCCT is the exception because of their extraordinary service which we have received consistently throughout our relationship.

For Telemark Co.
MCCT represents the ideal provider to work with because they are always available to help if there is a technical problem, even on weekends or holidays. The MCCT technical staff are very experienced and easy to communicate with. Also important to us is the ability to reach the owner of MCCT, Elwin Macomber, for any special project or quotation. During this year we have purchased equipment for two projects because of price and fast delivery. Finally, it is important to mention that MCCT and Telemark have grown throughout the years, a trusting win-win relationship that is very important to my company.
Alfonso Gonzalez, Director General Telemark Corporation


National Telephone
One of, if not the most important things in business is relationships. We have had an outstanding relationship with MCCT for the past eight years. Even though MCCT is a rather large company, our relationship with them has been personal and they treat us more like friends than business clients. At any time, during the day or night, they are always available to address our concerns.
Buying hardware and software is one thing, but it is support that is really critical in running one’s business. MCCT has developed custom applications for us and has worked hand-in-hand with our programmers to give us the product we need to run our business. MCCT is always courteous, friendly and willing to help us.

Over the years we have bought many Millennium Switches and Apex hardware/software from MCCT. We use the ACD call package, including digital phones with digital displays throughout our company and call centers. This equipment is extremely reliable and we have had few hardware problems through the years. We would highly recommend MCCT to anyone who needs a quality company with reliable dependable products.
Richard Cohen, President of National Telephone

Keanu Corporation
The Keanu Corporation chose MCCT’s Titan product because it is a proven product that is widely and successfully deployed. We did extensive research and looked at several companies and products. The Titan’s features, software flexibility and price combined with MCCT’s competence in engineering and customer service were key elements in our choice.

MCCT’s engineers have developed a terrific platform. The rich features of the Titan system allows the Keanu Corporation to provide customers with advanced teleconferencing and voicemail services immediately without the need for customized software programming. The Titan easily accommodates any changes in our service requirements. It is a powerful tool, it operates flawlessly and we are extremely pleased with it.

Equipment installation was also flawless with MCCT’s customer service group arriving on site as soon as the network facilities were in place. Within an hour the system was up and running with service. They continue to provide impeccable support whenever issues arise that need prompt attention. They are highly competent and professional in every way.

MCCT’s organization and products are top notch. We are confident that MCCT and the Titan system will continue to support our needs for many years to come.
Steve Korzyniowski
President, Keanu Corporation

Tel: 603-524-2214
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