The Millennium CTI Server is a standards-based solution that extends the Millennium's native CSTA interface to include support for third party CSTA, TSAPI, and TAPI applications. The Millennium CTI Server provides customers with a common open-platform, based on the broadly supported CTI interfaces, for building sophisticated, cost-effective computer telephony solutions.

Through integration with existing customer databases and third-party TAPI applications, the Millennium CTI Server can provide visual call control and call monitoring to enable presentation of caller information based on Caller ID, ANI, or DNIS.


Features of the Millennium CTI Server include

  • Integration with TAPI applications: The CTI Server integrates with Windows TAPI-compliant applications, such as Microsoft Outlook®, via the eOn Telephony Service Provider Interface (TSPI), which ties the TAPI application to the Millennium for making and receiving calls with the simple click of a mouse. Third-party TAPI-compliant applications, such as PC-phone control, contact management, personal information managers, and intelligent "screen pop" software, can be integrated cost effectively with the call processing features of the Millennium.

  • Support for Custom Applications: Your programmers can build custom applications that meet your specific needs.

Millennium CTI Server benefits include...

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Callers get quicker and better service because personnel who answer the calls can have access to customer records from the moment they pick up the phone.

  • Cost effectiveness: Efficient delivery of caller information to the agent desktop means that calls are shorter, reducing network costs and enabling agents to handle higher call volumes. Also, pricing for the Server is based on the number of licenses required.

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