PathFinder is our most sophisticated and complete messaging system. More than just voice mail, PathFinder is a powerful Windows-based messaging platform that allows workgroups to share voice, fax, and e-mail messages using their desktop computers and standard e-mail applications. Desktop Call Control (DCC) allows users to prioritize and route incoming calls accordingly. Text-to-Speech allows travelers and mobile workers to access and respond to e-mails by telephone. With PathFinder, the phone, the computer and the person converse, allowing its users to become productive in new and ever-changing ways.

PathFinder starts as a fully-featured Voice Processing System, offering:
• Voice messaging
• Auto-attendant
• Optional Chalk Talk Module for schools When connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), PathFinder becomes an advanced
communications center, or “server,” offering additional, optional modules such as:
• OneLook Unified Messaging (POP3/IMAP4 standard)
•Desktop Call Control (DCC) and Desktop Mailbox
Editing (DME)
• VPIM Networking (Voice Protocol Internet Messaging
Standard )
• Text-to-Speech for e-mail reading over the phone
As a Windows-based voice processing server, PathFinder
can be connected to a LAN,WAN,VPN, or even the
Internet. PathFinder uses TCP/IP, the standard protocol
for client/server applications.


Voice Messaging Made Simple
PathFinder integrates easily with most popular telephone
systems and offers a host of administrative and user
conveniences.Administrators will appreciate the Windows®-
based programming screens, remote access, easy reporting
and upgrade capabilities. Users will value such features as
message speed and volume control, date and time
stamp,multiple greetings, personal distribution lists,
call screening, message forwarding and paging

Advanced Auto Attendant
PathFinder allows for operator-free call reception and transfer for any or all or selected lines and times.With an unlimited number of auto-attendant menus, PathFinder will meet the
requirements of both simple and complex call routing applications.

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