The STARPLUS Triad - S is a telephone system specifically engineered for your small business or branch office. Discover the features designed to maximize employee productivity while affording you the capability for technology that is quickly emerging as a business necessity, such as Incoming Caller ID and voice mail integration.
The STARPLUS Triad - S combines performance, quality and value to provide small businesses with a communications system that they can count on. With its compact and affordable flat-pack design, it is the perfect starting point for the small organization. The STARPLUS Triad - S starts at 3 lines and 8 stations and grows to 12 lines and 32 digital stations. Four Triad - S telephone models in three colors offer a variety of choices and flexibility, designed to promote communication effectiveness. Red and green LEDs on the telephones differentiate the line you are using from the other lines in use. Programmable feature buttons and soft keys give you one-touch access to the features you use most.

If your business needs should outgrow your Triad - S System, necessitating an upgrade to a larger system, your investment is protected, as all models of the Triad - S telephones are compatible with the entire system family.

STARPLUS Triad - S Features

  • Convenient, easy to install flat-pack design

  • Fully digital architecture

  • Incoming Caller Identification (Caller ID) helps you provide superior customer service by showing the telephone number or name of the caller on the telephone display

  • Red and Green LEDs on telephones differentiate lines in use from ringing lines

  • Protect your investment as telephones migrate to larger systems




  • Scaleable Platform Grows from 3 lines and 8 stations to 12 lines and 32 stations.

  • Expansion Capability Cover a wider range of customer applications up to 96 trunks and 252 stations within the product family while protecting your investment in the telephone instruments.

  • Affordable Entry-level system designed to be affordable for small business applications.

  • Comprehensive Features Common feature set with the rest of the STARPLUS Triad family.

  • 2 Year Warranty The TRIAD - S offers a two-year warranty on all telephones, KSUs and common equipment. This assures you of our commitment to quality and reliability.

  • DiscoveryCT Series of Computer Telephony Products The TRIAD - S offers two different desktop CTI capabilities with the DiscoveryCT series: A telephone-centric application, which enables every CTI-ready TRIAD - S telephone to support CTI. A PC-centric model which replaces the desktop telephone with a board and software in your PC.

  • Same Familiar Features & Programming Most of the features and programming are virtually the same as with STARPLUS Digital systems, so transitioning to TRIAD - S will be easier. PC-DBA will also be available.

  • Compact Flat-Pack Design Makes installation a breeze.

  • SLT Support Proprietary or standard 2500 telephone instrument support.

  • One-Button Record Allows users to record both internal and external conversations directly into their voice mailbox with the touch of a single button.

  • Answering Machine Emulation Ability to screen calls going into voice mail, as you might do with an answering machine.

  • Telephone Advantages
    More Phone Models With TRIAD - S you have four models of telephones, providing more choices to closely tailor your customers needs. Display phones providing more choices to closely tailor your customers needs to their budgets.

  • Red & Green LEDs All TRIAD - S telephones provide red and green LEDs to distinguish lines in use from ringing lines.

  • CTI Compatibility All telephone models are CTI compatible. Your customers can purchase any TRIAD - S telephone model today and have it integrate with their computer at any time in the future.

  • Powerful Future Capabilities
    Cordless Key Telephone Unit Cordless Digital Key Telephone model provides mobility and convenience.

  • Digital Voice Mail Integration Provides you with a cost-effective, integrated voice mail system that offers expanded features and tighter integration. (No more need for single line boards or ring generators.)

  • Windows DBA Programming For ease in installation and administration, a Windows DBA will be available.

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