Discovery Desktop
In today’s highly competitive business environment, providing a high level of service is critical to success. Using Discovery Desktop to connect your telephone system to your personal computer presents the opportunity to meet your customers’ needs efficiently and effectively.

Discovery Desktop is a sophisticated, computer-telephone integration system that links TRIAD telephones with personal computers by transferring many of the telephone functions to the PC. Each user’s PC desktop will display a fully functional representation of their telephone, complete with both fixed and flexible buttons, a call-status display, a directory window and a dial window. This provides users with an efficient answering environment to process calls using the PC screen as a visual guide.

To navigate the Discovery Desktop telephone, users may use their mouse or keyboard by clicking on the desired button or entering a phone number in the dial window. In addition, the telephone buttons represented on the PC are conveniently color coded to easily identify the status of each line.


Increase Productivity
Since many jobs require the skill of multitasking, Discovery Desktop was designed to run in a Windows environment. That means users can accomplish more by handling calls while working in other Windows programs. Discovery Desktop is ideal for the office administrator who performs both computer and telephone answering functions.

Manage Calls with Ease
Discovery Desktop is a user-friendly system designed for swift, accurate call handling. Placing outgoing calls and answering incoming calls is virtually effortless. In addition, it only takes one or two clicks of the mouse to activate Call Transfer, Hold, Call Park, Camp On, Message Waiting and Call Forwarding. The Speed Dial feature allows you to program up to 20 phone numbers, making frequently dialed numbers a breeze to call. Another convenient benefit of Discovery Desktop is that the user may create phone directory lists to aid in processing calls. Each listing allows you to store a person’s first and last name, as well as their telephone number. Additionally, Caller ID information is available with the use of GoldMine®, which enables the exchange of Caller ID and dialing information between Discovery Desktop and GoldMine.

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