Prosody X PCI
is a highly configurable card that combines support for rich media processing resources, IP telephony and optional E1/T1 digital network access functions. Unrivalled benchmarks in density and price will pave the way to a new era in communications building block technology. The product leverages Aculab’s core expertise in combining complex technologies into a powerful and flexible proposition that assures developers a simple, clear migration path. Prosody X offers ‘mix and match’ modules to scale a wide range of applications including low and high densities suitable for enterprise and public networks.

Unrivalled density and feature set
The Prosody X media processing resource card offers a comprehensive selection of firmware algorithms that can run independently on its DSPs as well as the option of adding a primary rate trunk module, ensuring our customers’ market leading position is maintained. Up to 4 DSPs can be selected to run the algorithms and with each DSP capable of supporting up to 150 channels, a total of 600 channels per card is achievable. Key media processing resources include record and playback with a range of compressions, DTMF tone generation and detection, matrix conferencing, echo cancellation, fax processing and data transmission protocols.

Each algorithm can be used separately or in combination to develop more sophisticated solutions, making Prosody X the clear choice for advanced speech processing development. In addition, Aculab’s host based speech technologies ASR, TTS and SVI are also available under a cost free licence from software downloads for use with Prosody cards.

Whether transported by IP or TDM, media is handled by the same DSPs, thus giving a truly flexible platform. Because Prosody X can perform all of these functions on a single card, stock holding is greatly reduced.

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IP based architecture
At the heart of Prosody X is an Ethernet switch in addition to the TDM matrix used by previous generations of Prosody. This change acknowledges and accommodates for the relentless shift toward an IP based communications transport infrastructure and the benefits this can bring. The on-board IP architecture enables Prosody X to be distributable amongst different chassis platforms offering resilience and scalability as well as helping future proof solutions as they move to IP. A dual redundant 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet interface provides the external IP connection, while the host’s PCI bus will view Prosody X as if it were a NIC. Support for SNMP is offered to help manage Prosody X with appropriate information usually provided via the API being made available via the MIB. Both Net-SNMP and Microsoft’s SNMP are offered to provide choice and the host-based solution allows one agent to report on multiple cards.

Impressive TDM options

It is widely recorded that the circuit switched network will continue to be a great workhorse for many years to come, with the transition to IP based transport happening over a period of years. To complement this, Prosody X provides the option of E1/T1 trunk interfaces via daughter cards known as PMX or PMXC modules, to ensure traditional TDM connectivity using the worldwide protocol suite Aculab is renowned for. Protocols include ISDN, CAS and SS7 – Aculab’s SS7 protocol stack coverage provides signalling messages for MTP, ISUP, SCCP and TCAP procedures and is constantly being upgraded. Taking advantage of the latest version 6 telephony software features, each trunk’s configuration may be made individually allowing for different protocols on different trunks, which may be E1 or T1 set with different terminating impedances. This flexibility is unmatched and includes reconfigurations without the need to restart a system, bringing great value to solution providers. A choice of 4 or 8 E1/T1 trunks per module provides for up to 246 channels.


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