MCCT’s New Matrix² Conferencing Program allows for up to 240 conferences each being configurable from 2 to 240 seats.

Conferences are dynamically allocated
requiring considerably fewer resources than previous versions of MCCT’s Matrix² Conferencing due to the use of the new Vendetta conferencing cards. You can allocate as many as 240 seats in as many of the 240 conferences as you like. when your caller limit is reached (240) the distribution of conferences in use will depend on the assigned seats per each conference that you have set up. If you observe that there are some conferences that are filling up consistently, you can increase the number of seats in the applicable conference number without worrying about available resources.

MATRIX², the new version of MCCT Conferencing, maintains all of the features in the previous versions which include:
Using the mouse to “Grab” a caller and move him from one conference to another.
The ability to mute callers using the right click to bring up the Conference Action menu.
Using the Conference Action menu you can make one of the callers a “Coach”.
You can record all of the voice in any conference that you desire by assigning one of the seat resources as “Record”.

A new Conference Configuration
utility allows for easy set up of Conference Names, the number of seats, the number of monitors and the ability to record the conference. To change any of the values in any conference simply re-run the setup for the appropriate conference. You are asked to:•Provide the Conference Number.
Type in the Conference Name which will become the new name.
Enter the number of seats for the conference based on the range provided.
Enter the number of monitors.
Enter a “1” to be able to record the conference.

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