The MATRIX² IVR platform is an all-inclusive Application Generator system with the expendability to grow to 480 inbound (or outbound) ports, a GUI Windows Plan Editor, built-in Text-to-Speech prompt conversion and much more that will be shown. The Matrix2 platform uses RedHat Linux as the operating system of choice and applications (Plans) are structured on the robust MySQL database.

Matrix² is feature rich with the ability convert text to speech (TTS) for voice prompts & other messages; Continuous Word Speech Recognition; Conferencing with GUI interfaces for administrators & operators; Fax broadcast & Fax-on-Demand and Unified Messaging applications.

MATRIX² IVR Applications Support
IVR applications can be developed to turn the touch-tone phone into a virtual computer terminal that can access and retrieve database information.

MCCT has a professional staff
of certified hardware, software and support engineers to service and support the MATRIX² Platform. MCCT provides unparalleled support with the sale of every MATRIX² System. This includes 24 hr. emergency tech support worldwide, with an average 10-15 minute response time and advance replacement. Each MATRIX² system comes with 1 year renewable warranty.

MATRIX² IVR Applications
• Internet Phone • Fax Servers • Teleconferencing• SMS Messaging • Audiotext Information • Fax on Demand • Call Routers • Universal Messaging of Voice-Fax & E-Mail • Speech Recognition • Prepaid Calling • Speaker Verification Modem
• Paging Call/Contact Center Applications




Features of the MATRIX² IVR Platform:
• Comprehensive voice-processing capabilities designed to scale from small to large size businesses.
• Power to develop custom IVR applications that are ideal for your size and type of business.
• Integration with your existing telephone and computer systems whether they’re state-of-the-art or legacy systems.
• Modular architecture allows your IVR system to be easily adapted to new industry-standard hardware and operating systems as they’re introduced.
• The MATRIX² IVR system is manufactured with the finest components and state-of-the-art technologies, allowing MCCT to back your system with the industry’s most competitive warranty.

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