Dialogic has established itself as the leading global provider of open computer telephony (CT) solutions. As a result of that leadership in the CT industry, Intel acquired the company in July 1999. With proven networking, computing and telecommunications competencies, the companies are enabling new converged Web services, including Internet voice browsing, high density enhanced media gateways, and e-Business building blocks for service providers and contact centers. Intel communications and application building blocks and solutions enable customers to quickly deploy robust, scalable, and reliable e-Business services.

Converged Communications, which combines the power and functionality of computers with the most basic and universal communication tool — the telephone, has become the mantra of the CT industry. Today, many forms of CT including voicemail, email, fax, cellular phones, pagers, and PCs are woven into the fabric of most people's daily lives, indicating that effective forms of communication play a very important role in the private and public sectors.


Dialogic is the leading supplier of standards-based voice and fax processing components, with more than four million voice service ports deployed worldwide.

Dialogic products power a new class of enhanced services being delivered by telecommunications carriers, such as voice activated dialing.

Dialogic is spearheading the migration to open, building block computer telephony (CT) server solutions. Its CT Media™ and CT Connect™ server software platforms enable multiple applications from different vendors to interoperate on a single CT server.

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