Unmatched reliability in configurable power protection for computers and telecommunications equipment
Powerware FERRUPS® uninterruptible power systems furnish unmatched reliability in configurable power protection for computers and telecommunications equipment. Patented ferroresonant technology delivers "bulletproof" power protection, overcoming spikes, sags, surges, noise, and lightning. Powerware-exclusive SineSense™ provides clean, reliable power while conserving batteries during blackouts. Extensive configurability and customization options make FERRUPS the ideal power protection solution with a wide range of voltages, frequencies, runtimes, power cords, and receptacles. FERRUPS prevents the backfeed of harmonic currents into building wiring which can disrupt computer operations.

Redundant power
paths assure high faulttolerance and optimum uptime. Galvanic isolation
separates input from output, filtering line noise and surges. FERRUPS also features precision voltage regulation with no battery discharge down to 38% below nominal (depending upon load); and over 80 user-programmable diagnostic and communications functions. FERRUPS has won Midrange Systems’ "Buyer’s Choice" award six of the last eight years. FERRUPS models include free Powerware Software Suite power management software with connectivity cable, and are BestLink™ SNMP/WEB-ready for remote management. FERRUPS covers up to US$25,000 for damage to connected equipment resulting from a spike or surge (U.S. and Canada only).

  • Active Voltage Regulation converts
    power from almost any AC source
    into computer grade Power

  • Eliminates harmful harmonic currents
    from entering a building’s wiring,
    where they can disrupt computer

  • Enhanced diagnostics initiates auto
    matic startup and scheduled tests
    on the logic board, battery and
    other critical systems

  • Provides regulated output voltage
    without drawing power from batteries
    keeping the batteries fully charged
    from unexpected blackouts

  • Complete offering of power management
    software included to ensure
    data integrity

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