Conference Max & Conference Max Plus Now Available
NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. has teamed up with ClearOne Communications and is
adding new tabletop conferencing solutions to its product line up. These NEC labeled units are designed to provide a stylish addition to the NEC terminal line up.

Conference Max
Analog Wired

Conference Max

Analog Wired

Conference Max Plus

Analog Wired Analog Cordless 2.4 GHz
150’ Wireless Range
12 Hours Talk Time
36 Hours Stand-by

• Distributed Echo Cancellation effectively eliminates echo
• Noise cancellation removes background noises from fans or
HVAC systems
• Full-duplex sound enables participants to speak and listen at the same time without cutting in and out
• Automatic level controls keep participants’ audio balanced and consistent
• First-mic priority eliminates hollow “tunnel” sound by activating
only the microphone closest to the person speaking
• Three microphones provide 360° audio pickup



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